Genesee Investments
  Specializing in alternative investments since 1982  

Our exclusive focus is professional fund management of the highest quality.

Genesee is a boutique asset manager with more than 30 years of experience in the alternative industry.  Our name is borrowed from the small farming town in Idaho where our founder was raised, and it symbolizes the enduring values and principles on which Genesee Investments is based.  Founded in 1982, Genesee was one of the first managers of funds of hedge funds in the United States. 

Over its history, Genesee Investments has evolved from its family office roots into an institutional firm offering both funds of funds and customized hedge fund portfolios. Early investors included family and friends who appreciated Genesee’s emphasis on capital preservation and consistent returns.  Since becoming a Registered Investment Advisor in 2002, Genesee Investments has managed assets for institutions and individuals around the world.  However, our key attributes, which include dedication to hard work, honesty, and adherence to the company mission, have remained unchanged.

Genesee was acquired in March 2011 by Coldstream Capital Management, an independent wealth manager based in Bellevue, Washington.